Monday, March 14, 2022 presents : 14th Annual Great Midwest Book Fest : Saturday, June 18, 2022 : 1pm-5pm (cst)


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This is a virtual event that is going to be held on Saturday, June 18th from 1 PM to 5PM central standard time on Zoom. Each author will get 10 minutes to tell the audience about themselves or their books.

Featuring New York Times Bestselling authors Mary B. Morrison and Brenda Jackson, USA TODAY Bestselling author Naleighna Kai, NAACP Image Award Nominee , J.L. Woodson, National Bestselling authors Pat G'Orge-Walker, J.L. Campbell, LaJill Hunt, Trice Hickman, Michelle Lindo Rice, and Stephanie M. Freeman. Also featuring appearances by U.M. Hiram, Dr. Vanessa Howard, Marie L. McKenzie, Christine Pauls, Yvonne Elliott, Darryl Benally, Wanda Miller, Eugene Pitchford III, Anthony Alston, Ebony Farashuu, Marion Hill, Betty Smoot-Madison, Dorothy Parhams, LaShaunda Hoffman, K.R. Raye, Dr. Rhonda M. Lawson, and Dr. Emily Woolcock.

Zoom Link :

Passcode: 476823

14th Annual Great Midwest Book Fest Schedule

1pm-5:15pm (CST)

1:00-1:05-Intro- Radiah Hubbert

1:05pm-1:15pm- La Jill Hunt

1:15pm-1:25pm- Eugene Pitchford III

1:25pm-1:35pm- Wanda Miller


1:45pm-1:55pm-Ebony Farashuu

1:55pm-2:00pm- Mary B. Morrison

2pm-3pm-Tribe Happy Hour : Chats, Games, and Giveaways

Naleighna Kai

Pat G’Orge-Walker

J.L. Campbell

Stephanie M. Freeman

U.M. Hiram

J.L. Woodson

Marie Mckenzie

Dr. Vanessa Howard

Christine Pauls 

Yvonne Elliott

Darryl Benally


3:10pm-3:20pm-Trice Hickman

3:20pm-3:30pm- Anthony Alston

3:30pm-3:35-Brenda Jackson


3:45pm-4:00pm-Michele Lindo Rice

4:00pm-4:10pm- LaShaunda Hoffman

4:10pm-4:20pm Betty Smoot-Madison

4:20pm-4:30pm- Dr. Rhonda M. Lawson

4:30pm-4:40pm-Dorothy Parhams

4:40pm-4:50pm-Marion Hill

4:50pm-5pm- K.R. Raye

5pm-5:10pm- Dr. Emily Woolcock

5:10-5:15pm-Wrap up

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